4 Essential Tips For Traveling With Dogs

Most people like to travel and get on about with their car and their beloved dogs at the back seat. However, most people also tend to forget that like us humans, dogs also need to be checked for safety, comfortableness and other essential needs. Here are four essential tips when traveling with a dog:

1. Check the safety

Many people make a mistake of letting their dog loose in the backseat when travelling or just driving around with their dogs. This is extremely unsafe for everyone involved in the traffic – that includes you, your dog and other drivers on the road. Unstrapped dog can potentially shove you while you’re driving and make you lose control or it can just get stuck between seats, knock its head while on bumpy roads and hurt itself. To avoid any incidents when traveling with your dog, it should be strapped tightly while in the car. It may not like it at first, but it will keep everyone safe and eventually your dog will start enjoying it.

2. Preparation

First aid kits for humans are a must, so why not have one for your dog as well? It is good to be prepared for any type of scenario and it is always better to be safe than sorry. The kit should be easy to carry and not taking up a lot of space, containing several important things such as water for your dog, spare collar and leash, poop bag and even some treats in case the accident takes a lot of time to resolve. The treats would also help your dog calm down if the ride is a long one.

3. Car introduction

If you are planning to have a big trip as part of your vacation, you cannot expect to throw your dog in the car straight away and get on the road immediately. Take the time to introduce your dog to your car and car rides. This will help your dog get used to being driven around and will reduce its anxiety during long trips. It helps to treat your dog every time it successfully drives in car with you, gradually increasing the distance each time. In the long run, this will be a life saver as it will decrease the amount of barking, squirming or howling.

4. Avoid hot cars

This seems like a no-brainer, but many people make a mistake of leaving their dogs alone in the car on a hot summer day. A car that stays in the sun acts like an incubator and traps the heat, leaving your dog in a box of heat. It is extremely unhealthy, even for few minutes, and can leave consequences on your dog, or even worse, God forbid, it can die after short time. If you stop and leave the car, even for the shortest amount of time, take your favorite canine with you. It will also benefit from the short walk, so it is a win-win situation.

Car traveling with a dog on the back seat is a unique and beautiful experience, but it can also be dangerous and painful at same time. With these tips, you should make it more enjoyable for both yourself and your dog companion. Always remember that dogs have feelings too, so love, tolerance and a whole lot of treats with get you through the journey.

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